Our Vision

To provide a solution to the single largest problem in the automotive industry: the accurate and timely sourcing of parts for delivery into the hands of the customer. We are dedicated to providing a superior, unmatchable level of service.

Why We Got Here

Can you imagine this? A customer comes into your shop complaining of a funny noise coming from his engine. You determine it's the fan belt. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. You have to find the replacement part, which means looking it up in the catalogue, finding the part number, or the numbers of a similar part made by a different manufacturer. If you have one in stock, you might have to eyeball it and hope it gets the job done. If it's not in stock, you have to track it down. This might mean one phone call - or three. Then you need to wait for the part to be delivered. But suppose the person on the other end of the phone looked up the wrong part number or you gave them the wrong vehicle information and when it's delivered, you realize that you've waited hours just to receive the wrong part. A simple task of replacing a fan belt ends up taking a whole day. Time wasted on the phone, time wasted waiting and a potentially unhappy customer.

Does this sound familiar? In our business, the issue of time wasted - time lost - is extremely significant. The result is high frustration and inefficiency, which is never good for business.

Making a Difference

Now, imagine this. It's the same scene, with the fan belt. But instead of becoming a day-long exercise in futility, you simply take the number off the old part, type it into a search field and in two clicks, you get an extensive list of exact part matches. It's as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. "identify, interchange, source and install"
  2. your shop efficiency is enhanced
  3. the customer highly satisfied with the quick and efficient service PartsNX has allowed you to offer.
Does it sound too good to be true? It really isn't. With Parts NX, you have access to a vast and growing data base of manufacturers and a system that eliminates the majority of time wasting errors that plague most shops. How do we know? 30 years in this business have taught us a lot. We know about the frequent non-productive time spent digging through the back of the catalogue hoping to identify an accurate cross to the part line we sell and recognize. We have designed PartsNX to supply this service instantly, cutting out frustration and saving hours a day in the shop, at parts counters and numerous wasted trips by delivery drivers bringing the wrong part.

What's New